Spring has made its way back to Kiruna, the long dark days and the magic colors and frozen atmospheres that only the Arctic can provide, have now given way to warmer, sunny days and break up season.

It’s a bittersweet feeling, and every year is the same, torn between the sadness to see all the snow melting, our lodge empty, and the amazing feeling of laying in the sun sipping a warm cup of coffee, perhaps while doing some ice-fishing, which is our best pastime now that the busy time is behind us. And just like every year, it’s also the time when we sit down, look at some photos, and think back to the season, reflecting and evaluating, and yep, laughing at the funniest moments, it sure never gets boring in Lapland, especially when working in the tourist business!

The most common thought is always a very shocking “Where did winter go?!?”, gone in the wind, time does fly by when you’re busy especially when you’re having a good time! But on a serious note, if we really had to give an honest evaluation of the ‘’23/’24 season, it would be a solid 5/5. Yes, we did have a few hiccups on the way and life is never smooth, but after all, there is one thing that always gives us the true perspective, and it’s the satisfaction of our guests, the hugs that we share when it’s time for them to leave, and the feeling that we truly have done our best to help them create memories of a lifetime. It could be easy for us to forget how lucky we are how special our lifestyle is, and how much fun we have up here, so it’s a true blessing to have our guests remind us on a daily basis.

There is one question we usually get asked a lot and it is: “Where do you get the energy from, when it’s so cold and dark?”, and the answer is quite simple, it’s a mix of two reasons that are very strictly related. The first one is “passion”, we do what we do because we really are passionate about it, we love being outside playing in the snow and sharing our lifestyle with people from all over the world, and the second one is “from our guests”, those of you who have been lucky enough to visit us most definitely know what I am talking about, it’s such a great exchange of positive energy, people are here on vacation, having the time of their life, and we are paid to do what we love, it’s a simple recipe for tons of fun memories and laughter. Throw some amazing Northern lights in the mix and boom, can life really get any better than that?

One of the perks of operating in a small family-run business, in a tiny lodge with small groups of people where most guests spend a few days with you, is that in such a short time, the emotions and moments spent together are so intense that you really develop a strong bond with each other, like a real extended family. And that is the feeling we love to create and we love to experience in the morning when we show up at work, that just means that our vision has come to life. Luckily, this past season has been no different and we have been blessed with everything we could ask for.

To all of you who have visited us this winter, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for filling our life with one more unforgettable season, and for those of you who are planning to visit us soon, we can’t wait to meet you, coffee is ready and the sauna is warm any time!