The vast majority of the lucky travelers that visit us during the winter, decide to join one of our 3 night package Experience Lapland or 4 night break Best Of Lapland With Friends and it’s very easy to understand why.

Besides the obvious advantage of not having to spend countless hours back home trying to sort out the logistics for the upcoming trip, puzzling together accommodations, activities, transfers, and looking for spots on tours and hotels that are often fully booked during the busy season, deciding for an all-inclusive package, comes with plenty more perks.

Think about it, from the second you show up at the Kiruna airport and we are there to welcome you with a big smile, to the very last second before your departure when we drop you off with a warm hug, you have absolutely nothing to think or worry about, we are there to accompany you, guide you and most definitely spoil you throughout your whole getaway.

On top of that, booking one of our packages guarantees the highest standard of service, unique day/night safaris, amazing food and the most complete mix of all the best Swedish Lapland has to offer, with absolutely no risk on missing out on anything.

Let’s see what we’re talking about, you get the chance to go snowmobiling both in the daytime and at night, dogsledding (the sustainable and ethical way) in the pristine Arctic wilderness, meet the sami culture and our friend Håkan with his reindeer, visit the magical Icehotel at Jukkasjärvi, jump in a hot tub on the roof, try ice fishing, and go on a northern lights hunt perhaps all the way to the world-famous Abisko national park. We haven’t forgotten anything, have we? Plus, in between all the fun, you get to taste some delicious local food cooked by our chef and have enough time to relax in front of the crackling fireplace, take a nap, or maybe hop in our sauna, which is always warm for you, so no, in our humble opinion, it doesn’t really get much better than that!

It goes by itself that carefully pick all of our partners and our professional and passionate staff to make sure everything happens the way we like it, the way it should be done.

One of the key aspects of our vision is to be far from “ticket-to-ride” tourism, and the way we achieve that is by having a small cozy lodge and working with small groups, to create this familiar and friendly atmosphere, where the personal touch has huge importance, and where a sincere and happy bond among our guests and between you and us, is the natural consequence and the cherry on top of the cake.

This setup also allows us to guarantee a certain degree of flexibility to make the best out of everything and ultimately even improve your chances to see the northern lights, which is sure on top of your dream list when visiting our magic land. Bad weather today and better tomorrow? No problem, we play our best cards and rearrange our schedules to give us the best opportunities, and trust us, it can make a hell of a difference!

Let us spoil you, you won’t regret it!