Stay safe at Máttaráhkká northern light lodge

At Máttaráhkká Northern Light Lodge we take Covid-19 infection control very seriously and do our utmost to make you as a guest feel safe when you visit or stay with us. Maintaining a high standard of hygiene and cleanliness is our top priority and we closely follow the official recommendations provided by the authorities.

Reinforced cleaning and hygiene routines

  • All guides and guests must wear facemasks when we travel by minibus.
  • All equipment is thoroughly disinfected and cleaned between usage.
  • Only guests and employees are allowed within the Máttaráhkká Lodge premise.
  • Our employees have been trained in hygiene and new cleaning routines, and we regularly take part in the authorities’ guidelines and recommendations.
  • We do regular disinfection of surfaces such as door handles, card terminals, the reception, toilets, tables and chairs, etc.
  • We have increased our focus on hand hygiene with regular hand washing and hand disinfection. Hand disinfection is also available to our guests in public areas.
  • We stay at home if we have the slightest symptoms of a cold.
  • Our hotel rooms are cleaned extensively and we focus on disinfecting contact areas such as door handles, switches, hair dryers, toilets, tapes and stairs etc. The rooms are bedded with textiles that are washed by a certified laundry company.
  • Our cleaning and kitchen staff always use gloves. When cleaning, the gloves are changed between each room.
  • Cloths are changed after each room has been cleaned and placed in a laundry bag. The cloths are then washed in 90 degrees Celsius.

We help you keep a safe distance

  • We have reduced the number of tables and chairs in our public areas so that you can keep a distance to other guests.
  • We have set up markings to help you see where you can stand to avoid getting too close to someone else and injunctions for distance.
  • We keep a distance of at least 1 meter.
  • We welcome all our guests, but we do not shake hands.

Please contact us if you would like more information about our covid-19 safety measures.